Are you using Internet Banking? Not yet? Well, take a look at our Sign-up Guide to Internet Banking for SME’s and Corporate and find out what you’ve been missing! Find out more about our services in Internet Banking.

What is Internet Banking?
Aimed at the Individuals and Business Customers of Millennium Angola Bank, the Internet portal allows you to transaction your accounts and to obtain information about products and services, from any computer with access to the Internet.

Navigating in the Internet portal of Millennium Angola Bank is easy and convenient. To access, turn on your computer, enter the Internet and type

At any hour and in any place, only a click to go to the Bank!

  • Balance enquiries
  • Transfers (internal and interbank)
  • Cheque book order
  • File processing
  • And much more...

Internet Banking offers:


  • Transaction authorisation through Tokens;
  • Definition and allocation to the users' rights to request and authorize banking transactions;
  • Definition of authorization rules for different types of transactions.


  • Access to detailed information on current accounts, time deposits and loans;
  • Run the company’s payment transfers, with current and future date;
  • Show extracts;
  • Constitution of deposits;
  • Request permanent transfers;
  • Intuitive User Interface that facilitates the use of the various capabilities of the system.


  • Just make the request at your branch and follow the instructions;
  • Works 24 hours a day, every day! Even on weekends, Sundays and holidays, can do their banking transactions;
  • It is cheaper than doing your banking at your local Branch;
  • ... and registering is free!
  • Access to the site is done through a personal code and a password that only you know;
  • You can use it anywhere! In your PC, at home, at work, at a hotel, at your anytime, anywhere.

Your Bank, just a click away!